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Brow Shape

Brows are waxed and shaped to frame your face. This treatment is ideal to keep your brows looking neat. For best results, a tint is always recommended. Please note this is not suitable for those with overgrown brows or new clients, instead, please opt for Definition Brows.

15mins | £15.00


Brow Maintenance

This option is suitable for those who have had Definition Brows within the last 4 weeks. It is designed as a maintenance appointment.

20mins | £25.00


Definition Brows* 

Definition brows is a bespoke treatment that is totally tailored to you - ideal for new clients or those who haven't had their brows maintained for a while. Includes full mapping, shaping, tinting and powder and pencil stokes to fill in any gaps and create a fuller looking brow. 

30mins | £30.00

*A patch test is required for all new tinting clients at least 48hrs prior to appointment. This can be booked online.

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