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Formulated with a powerful Triple-Peptide Complex, this serum will supercharge lashes to improve lash length, strength and volume in as little as 30 days*. Multifunctional protein and anti-pollution ingredients help to strengthen lashes from within, minimising breakages and brittleness. Triple Enhance Lash Serum is applied with a brush along the lash line to target the root/follicle of the lash, supporting voluminous lash growth. 

*Based on an Independent Consumer Trial of 99 users applying the product twice daily for 12 weeks.


How to use:

 As part of the final step in the 3-Step Lash Care System, apply Triple Enhance Lash Serum to the base of the lashes (as you would an eyeliner) starting at the inner corner to get the lash trinity: length, strength and volume. 


Apply morning and night for enhanced results and allow 2 minutes to dry before going to bed or applying make-up.


5 Milliliters
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